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Our Promise

Cat and Dog

At Collar & Comb Grooming our mission is simple.  We want to make your pets look good and feel good and to meet your expectations.


To achieve this, we promise:

    We will only work with your pet if they are willing or can easily be encouraged.

 We will never force an animal to do anything that is clearly making it anxious.  However, be assured that Sam has considerable experience working with nervous dogs and will do all she can to make our guests calm and happy.


    We will never cage your pet.

We believe that a happy pet is one that can be inquisitive and explore freely.  Our salon is open planned to allow our guests to roam and play together.   Glazed panelling ensures they do not feel a sense of being enclosed. 

Your pet will only be restrained or placed in one of our dog lounges if we feel it will come to harm or cause harm to other guests or members of our team.  We will explain our reasons for lounging your pet when you collect them and discuss how we can make their next visit more positive.

    We will never leash your pet.

We want our guests to feel at home and explore their environment.  However, we may occasionally use tethers as this ensures your pet is safe when on one of our raised grooming tables or being bathed.


    We will never use aggression tocontrol your pet.

Raising your voice will rarely calm down an anxious or over active dog.  Our philosophy is to maintain a calm environment and make use of other behavioural strategies to control our guests.  Guests are never punished for poor behaviour – we always remember that they are animals first and foremost.

    We will never undertake any procedures that are not required.

Although some services include several different procedures, such as gland expression, we will only complete these elements of the service if we feel it is necessary for the wellbeing of your pet.

    We will check the health of your pet on every visit.

For your pet to truly look good, they must feel good.  We promise to undertake a full Nose to Toes check of your pet to ensure they are healthy.  We will advise you if we feel there are any issues that may need a visit to your vet.

    We promise to use only animal friendly products.

We will take all reasonable care to ensure that our guests are not compromised by us using inferior products or products developed unethically.

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