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Nose to Toes Health Check

dog running with toy

It is important that your pet is healthy.  For this reason, during any treatment involving bathing or drying of dogs, all dogs will be given a full health check and you will be provided with a written summary informing you of any problems. The check will include:











should not have any discharge, inflammation, dryness or discolouration.

should be bright and free from any discharge.

are free from hair and wax.

will be checked to ensure the gums and tongue look a normal colour and that the teeth are not

damaged or have tartar deposits.

Breeds with facial skin folds such as Pugs and Shar Peis will be given a check and clean between any skin folds to prevent inflammation and infection of the skin.

glands will be checked for impaction and expressed if necessary.

will be checked to ensure we can use the most effective shampoo and look for any lumps, bumps, warts or hernias and note anything observed on to their records.


will be checked for good circulation.

will be assessed for damage or possible infection.

will be checked for cracking, cuts or the presence of foreign objects.

Sam has many years experience and a qualification in pet welfare and animal first aid but is not a vet, so may only provide help and advice.

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