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Our Services

Smiling Groomer

All dogs, regardless of age, breed or size should be groomed regularly.  Grooming is not just part of a cleaning and styling process but helps to keep your pet healthy and happy.

A Full Groom is the ultimate treatment for your dog.

Dog's Portrait

Our brush-out service is mainly for long-haired breeds that may need some attention between grooms or for short or double coated breeds who maybe moulting more than usual, to keep on top of the dead coat and decrease the amount of hair being shed at home. 


Most pets benefit from having their nails trimmed every four to six weeks. Ideally a dog’s nails should just be in contact with the ground however, it is important to pay attention to dew claws as these will not wear down and can curl into the pad causing a puncture wound and possible infection.

Chihuahua Bath

Although the Full Groom is the ultimate service for your dog, we offer a Bath and Tidy for in between full grooms to help keep on top of coat maintenance or for when a full groom is not necessary.

Jack Russel

Anal glands are located under the tail on either side of the bottom and contain a foul-smelling substance that most dogs pass naturally when they have a bowel movement. However, sometimes these glands need to be expressed manually.

Puppy Under a Table

Introducing pets to grooming at an early age is extremely important to help familiarise them with the process and to form a bond with the groomer. I have many years of experience in puppy grooming and will make sure your puppy feels relaxed, comfortable and loved.

Maintain your Moggy

Sam is a qualified cat groomer and we currently have a number of satisfied customers.

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Bulldog Scratching

All bathing is completed using products sensitive to your pet's skin and coat type, However, many animals acquire fleas which is not a sign of cleanliness but should be treated quickly. We offer a safe and effective Flea Bath service.

Dog's Portrait

This service is for dogs with wiry, dense top coat with a softer undercoat. The coat is hand stripped to maintain the correct texture and colour.  Using finger and thumb we gently ‘pluck’ the top coat to reveal the softer undercoat.

Dog Spa

Some breeds of dogs such as Shihtzu’s grow hair down the ear canal. Having hair in the ears can trap wax, which head shaking would normally throw to the outer ear. The wax can then attract parasites such as ear mites which in turn could lead to an infection. 

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